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The Cotswold Cider Co

What we want at The Cotswold Letting Agency is to be ‘better by far’ and be understood by those who truly get the wealth of local talent, services and products that the Cotswolds has to enjoy.

As Cotswolds enthusiasts, we like to share our passion and local knowledge to celebrate the best of the Cotswolds, helping our Owners and Tenants to discover local independents like the Cotswold Cider Company! Cotswold Cider Co is truly enjoyed by The Cotswold Letting Agency & recommended to anyone visiting the Cotswolds.

How it all started

So the short story goes like this… Man meets apple, find fermentation, gets way too carried away with apple history and varieties and dedicates life to spreading the real cider gospel.

“Fifteen years ago my family and I moved to an old Oxfordshire water mill home to a small but thriving orchard. I grew curious about the trees and the abundant crop they produced, feeling compelled by their squandered supply and how to salvage it. I started investigating how to ferment the juice and after making my first batch I knew I was hook, line and sinker for these juicy orbs. I set out on a quest to find and work with Real Cider apples and create a drink worthy of their gifts. Following a tenancy offer for a nearby Cotswold orchard I was able to nurture my burgeoning passion and after a short time I knew I needed to dedicate myself to the Real Cider movement…The Cotswold Cider Company was created to bring Real Cider to The Cotswolds and beyond. Its cider made properly, without the junk, inspired by the stunning landscape I call home. My contribution to a noble cause, a mighty fruit and an unrivalled location. I invite you to attend a sermon and try it for yourself…Rory Souter, Director and Expert Cider Maker”. – Cotswold Cider Co

Why it’s better than the rest

Cotswold Cider Company is set on being genuine and think that customers have the right to know what goes into their cider. The difference between real vs fake cider is all in the apples and fermentation…

  • Mighty English apples with that bittersweet/sharp flavour VS indistinct varieties with far flung origins.
  • Natural and honest juice that is 100% fresh pressed, no sugar added & not from concentrate VS industrial pap that’s been evaporated to concentrate and full of sugar
  • Slow motion fermentation over winter, with long maturation for character VS reconstituted with water and forced at high temperatures
  • Cotswold Cider Co’s final product is blended with passion from the hear VS padded out with any of the ’45 permitted additions’

“For too long the good name of cider has been taken in vain by plastic cider mongers foisting processed pish on us – and being allowed to get away with it. We call it the dark arts of cidermaking – where practically anything goes to churn out the minimal cost of production in their nihilistic fight to the bottom on price. And with it, goes the real taste of proper cider, so that we’ve been conditioned to think that sugar-syrup or gagging acid ciders are what it’s meant to taste like. Well, democracy has caught up with you – it’s time to get real.”- Cotswold Cider Co

The Cider Collection

  • No Brainer- 4.7% dry cider that is dry, cloudy, sparkling with thumping good flavour.
  • Sweet Cheeks-4% blush cider that is medium, beautifully balanced with autumn hedgerow fruits.
  • Side Burns-a 5.4% medium cider that is rich full-flavoured with indulgent toffee apple.
  • Cotswold Prime-4.6& medium/dry cider described as ‘the Cotswolds in a glass’.
  • Blow Horn-4% chai spiced cider with a unique sensory revelation.
  • No Brainer Classic-6% dry cider that is bone dry real good, that’s cloudy and still & straight from the barrel.
  • Tuk Tuk-4% medium cider with lemongrass infusion with a tannic cider base and citron-y top notes.
  • Phantom of the orchard-1% cider that is crisp apple sweet with spine tingling flavour and low alcohol.
  • Freak Show- 4.5% medium cider that is sweet, cloudy and sparkling.
  • Voodoo Pulp-4.7% magically dry cider that is cloudy and sparkling.
  • Shape Shifter-4% sparkling cider with ginger and lime.
  • She Devil-4% cider with a sassy sweetness.

Taste the Cotswolds

To find out more please visit The Cotswold Cider Company

You can shop their truly tempting range via their handy online shop!

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