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Short Lets as an Owner

A Cotswolds short term let could be ideal for an Owner coming out of the holiday let market-place, where it might be much less hassle, utilities can be wrapped up into the rental price or an Owner who has a furnished property may want to rent it whilst they are away for a sabbatical or a few months abroad, or it may be that you found somewhere else, which needs refurbishing and it is easier to rent out your existing property without moving all the furniture twice!!


And for Owners, who is it that would enjoy your property for short let?

With home restoration and improvements showing no sign of letting up, many people need somewhere with great facilities for the short-term while they renovate. And it’s a lot less costly, and a lot more homely, than a hotel for all the family! Many people relocate to the Cotswolds who are looking for a short-term base for their search without longer term commitment as well. There’s even those who literally want to try before they buy in the area! Sometimes it is a home disaster where people have to move out of their own home, for example, due to a flood.

Corporate re-location from abroad, contractors who have a project in the area for several months, and even those who want a second home for a few months!


Finally, let’s not forget the Cotswolds is the UK’s largest Area of Natural Beauty, so tourism plays a big part in local economy. For anyone visiting for more than three or four weeks, a short term-let in the Cotswolds is an affordable option. And with the rise of companies like Airbnb, people are much more inclined to look for a holiday home over a hotel. Especially if that property is in or near one of the many beautiful little towns scattered throughout the Cotswolds.


All of this is great news if you’re an owner, because you can really put your short term let in the Cotswolds to work for you. And there’s no-one better positioned to help you achieve that than the Cotswold Letting Agency.

Short Lets as a Tenant

Just how short is a short term let?

Well, as a rule it’s usually for six months or less. For this reason, there aren’t usually a lot of these properties on the market, as both landlords and tenants prefer to either bank on something more long term, or utilise the flexibility of a holiday let structure. After all, not many people want to go through the moving process too often and landlords often like the stability of a reliable long-term tenant. At Cotswold Letting Agency, we are one of the only agencies who offer a portfolio of short let properties.


So why do people and owners opt for short term lets in the Cotswolds?

For a surprising range of reasons, as it turns out! Spanning several counties and home to major towns, with great travel links to boot, the Cotswolds is a large catchment area for working people. Those in the area starting a new role or contract work are ideally suited to short term lets in the Cotswolds. If you are doing a home project, a refurbishment or renovation and need to move out for a month or two then a short let is an ideal option. Or try and area out before you buy? Or if you suffer with a flood, or a gas leak or any property disaster, you may need some temporary accommodation. Perhaps you are taking a sabbatical? Or need a furnished bolthole in the Cotswolds over the summer months….


If you’re interested, take a look at our short let rentals in the Cotswolds online and if you can’t find something, then give our team a call on 01993 684572. The chances are we probably have something coming onto our books that will work for you!


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