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Long Lets as an Owner

For owners of long term letting property in the Cotswolds, we know how important it is to have total peace of mind about your biggest asset. So, it’s important to know all of the boxes are ticked when it comes to necessary documentation and compliance to ensure your property is legally rented. With the Cotswold Letting Agency by your side, we’ll make sure that everything from an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to gas and electricity safety certificates are all in place. We’ll even write and arrange the signing of the tenancy agreement for your Cotswolds long term let.

Once the tenants have signed up, we also arrange monthly collection of rent, which will be paid to you within five days of receipt. Likewise, we’ll receive the payment and arrange secure keeping of the deposit on your rental property. If there is anything you’re unsure about, you’ll find out all about the ins and outs of renting on the government site “How to rent

Long Lets as a Tenant

For property lets of six months or more (what we call a “long let”) the Cotswold Letting agency offers unrivalled range. From family homes in the country to chic apartments in town, we’ve got something to suit everyone who’s looking at moving to the Cotswolds.

First though, it’s useful to know where you stand as both a tenant and an owner – so here we go!  Longer term lets in the Cotswolds usually fall under Assured Shortfold Tenancy (AST) regulations. In this arena, rent is normally paid monthly in advance. That said, there can be flexible options such as paying rent up front – always held in our secure client account – and even quarterly instalments.

We’ll also ask tenants to pay a deposit to the landlord, which will usually be five week’s rent. In line with government regulations, the deposit for your long-term Cotswold let will be kept in an approved deposit protection scheme. There are several of these; the one we use is the Deposit Protection Service which looks after more than 7 million deposits on behalf of tenants throughout the UK.

If you’re interested, take a look at our Cotswold long term rentals online and if you can’t find a long term let that is suitable, then give our team a call on 01993 684572.

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