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Here at the Cotswold Letting Agency our professional team are experienced in all areas of the Cotswold real estate scene. With a focus on the lettings market, our team works with property owners and tenants to place tenants into their ideal property.

As the only agency in the area with a sole focus on Cotswold Lettings, our team are continually researching the Cotswold real estate market to ensure they are up to date on any emerging trends. What this means for our Clients is that our team are up to speed with the rental market, what is coming onto the market and when along with what the pricing levels are.

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Find the Perfect Property

Many owners looking to invest in a Cotswold property may not have the in-depth knowledge of the most popular rental areas. Equally, tenants looking for a place to rent in the Cotswolds may not be completely certain as to which area they want to rent in.

We can help – our team are well versed in getting under the skin of our property owner and tenants needs, understanding requirements such as are the tenants looking for a property that will appeal to professionals and therefore should be commutable to a certain town. Or maybe the tenants are a young couple looking for a centrally located property with the local community on the doorstep, or a young family needing to be close to outstanding schools.

Whether working with tenants or property owners our team are able to offer advice based on their knowledge of the local market. And for a more specific property search we have a partner search service that we highly recommend.

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Find The Perfect Location

Choosing where to live in the Cotswolds is not an easy task – did you know the Cotswolds covers an area of 800 square mile of outstanding natural beauty is packed full of bustling market towns, spectacular rural locations and quiet villages and hamlets. Which means for many the option of a furnished short term let is the perfect choice.

Furnished short term lets are move-in ready, meaning tenants can arrive into their new home without the expense and hassle of furnishing each individual room. Additionally, the nature of a short let means that as a tenant you can try before you buy, and even move around every few months as you weigh up each of the areas on your short list.

A furnished short term let is also a popular choice with buyers and sellers. The fast-moving sales market means that many purchasers choose to sell their own home before they have bought, putting them in an advantageous position when offering on their dream property.

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Escape to a Better Rental Area

As a popular and highly sought after location, especially with relocators looking to escape London and the surrounding cities, property purchase prices in the Cotswolds can be significantly higher than the UK national average. The demand for property, and the higher prices, can lead many people to choose to go into or remain in rental properties for the longer term.

Choosing a long let property often enables tenants to live in their most favourite location and in their ideal property. For individuals not prepared to compromise on exactly where they want to live or the size and style of property, finding the ideal place available on a long term let can often be the solution they desire until the right property to purchase comes onto their radar.

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Relocating from Overseas

The Cotswolds, not surprisingly, is an incredibly popular destination for those relocating from the US and overseas in general. Many individuals, and their families, may need to find a property even before they arrive in the country. With an idea of where they would like to live – usually linked to the place of work that they are relocating to – having “feet on the ground”, with experience in the Cotswold real estate scene, can prove to be vital.

Our team of experts are well versed in supporting relocators from far and wide, as well as working closely with our property search partners for anyone looking to purchase their dream home.

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