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If you enjoy sitting back with a nice glass of wine in the evening then you’ll be delighted to hear about our friends at Private Cellar, a fabulous fine wine delivery service.

Emerging onto the wine scene in 2005, Private Cellar were among the pioneers of a new era in the world of wine businesses. Their mission was clear from the outset: to set a new standard for quality, transparency, and customer service. These core values remain at the heart of everything they do to this day.

A Dedicated Team

One of the driving forces behind Private Cellar’s success is their team. Comprising individuals with an impressive 180 years of combined experience in the wine trade, the team is passionate about what they do. With long-established careers in the UK and overseas wine trade, they bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From helping customers choose the perfect wine for a special occasion to braving cold cellars or hosting tastings around the world, they genuinely love what they do.

The Art of Wine Selection

At Private Cellar, they are extremely discerning about the wines they offer. They don’t buy wines based on arbitrary price points and volumes. Instead, they select wines that they personally love and are proud to sell. Their criteria are simple: a favourable price-to-quality ratio. If a wine doesn’t meet these standards, it doesn’t make it into the Private Cellar Selection.

But that’s not all. They maintain a constantly evolving Fine Wine List, primarily sourced from their customers’ own collections. This unique system gives them an invaluable advantage in the secondary fine wine market by allowing them to have first-hand knowledge of provenance and storage conditions.

The Private Cellar Wine Delivery Experience

What sets Private Cellar wine delivery apart from the competition, is their personal approach to wine service. They are not a faceless corporation with call centres and automated responses. When customers call, they’ll speak to real people who love wine and are eager to engage with them. They want to help customers discover new wines and enjoy old favourites. Customer satisfaction and enjoyment are their top priorities, not clearing stock.

They hold regular dinners and tastings, and nothing brings them more pleasure than introducing their customers to the winegrowers behind the bottles. Their wines are sourced by buying director Nicola Arcedeckne-Butler, an established Master of Wine. Nicola often leads their tastings and events, sharing the knowledge she has gained through her extensive career in the wine trade.

Private Cellar invite you to explore their wines online and call them on 01993 670 920 for a copy of their wine list. They love nothing more than seeing customers face to face and really getting to know your wine tastes and preferences so if you would like to arrange a meeting to talk about your cellar or your wine buying, they would be delighted to hear from you.

The Cotswold Letting Agents say ‘cheers’ and here’s to the future of fine wine with Private Cellar!

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