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If you’re a property investor considering the Cotswolds for your next venture, we’re here to let you know there is never a wrong time to invest. Monthly rentals and short term lets are perfect for the Cotswolds market. The area is not only a magnet for tourists – who regularly choose to live here – but also an attractive destination for people looking to escape the surrounding cities. In this article, we’ll explore the strength of the short-let market in the Cotswolds, shedding light on why it’s the right time to consider your property for short-lets.

A Slowdown in Sales

The Cotswolds property market, like many others, has seen a slowdown in traditional property sales. Economic uncertainties and changing priorities have made prospective buyers more cautious. This shift in dynamics has created a unique opportunity for property investors to explore alternative income streams, with monthly rentals and short-lets emerging as a standout choice.

Short-Lets: The Rising Star

Short-lets have become increasingly popular in the Cotswolds, thanks to their flexibility and demand from all types of renters seeking somewhere to live short term. There are local couples and families looking for a temporary place to stay whilst their forever home is being renovated, and relocators who want to test out an area before committing to a longer rental or purchase. We also see demand coming from those who are caught in the selling-buying gap where a monthly rental or short-let is ideal.

The Rickyard, short term let

Limited Long-Term Property Supply

In more recent months the Cotswolds has started to see a limited supply of long-term rental properties. This scarcity has created a gap that short-lets are well-positioned to fill. Property owners can tap into this demand by offering monthly rentals or short-lets where they will find demand is still high – especially if your property is well positioned, decorated and furnished to a high standard.

Higher Rental Incomes

Short-lets in the Cotswolds nearly always command higher rental incomes compared to traditional long-term rentals. All of our short-let properties  are offered fully furnished, as those looking for a temporary place to call home need a move-in-ready property. Many of our owners are able to maximise the return on their investment by preparing their property to a high enough standard to command the very best short-let rental prices.

Flexibility and Diverse Tenant Pool

Some of our property owners choose to offer short-lets so that they have the flexibility to use their properties when not rented out, providing a balance between personal use and income generation. We have owners who let out their property whilst they are away for an extended period with work, or are spending the summer or winter overseas. Although we also have many owners with investment properties that are only ever used by renters. 

Additionally, short-lets attract a diverse tenant pool, from extended holiday makers and business travellers to families and remote workers seeking a change of scenery.

Ease of Management

Managing short-lets in the Cotswolds can be hassle free and fairly straightforward, for owners who choose to work with ourselves and utilise our management services. We tailor our services to fit the individual owner, but we can manage everything from the floor plans, photographs and descriptions to the viewings and key handover. Here at the Cotswold Letting Agency we are passionate about ensuring our property owners can enjoy a hassle-free income stream.

Local Expertise Matters

Navigating the Cotswolds letting market successfully requires a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of this 800 square mile area! It’s essential to partner with a reputable local property management company that specialises in monthly rentals and short-lets in the Cotswolds. Here at The Cotswold Letting Agency our team of experts can handle everything from marketing your property to screening tenants and advising you on how to ensure your property complies with all necessary regulations.

In summary

Demand in the Cotswolds’ short-let market remains strong, offering property investors the opportunity to see a solid return on their investment. With the scarcity of long-term rentals, and the potential for higher rental incomes, the short-let market is a  strong proposition for property owners.

How we can help

Here at The Cotswold Letting Agency we pride ourselves on our unrivalled experience in the short let market. Our team live and work in the Cotswolds, so really are an incredible source of knowledge for our owners. We are able to advise on locations, property types, presentation and all the requirements of being a property owner. If you have or are considering investing in a Cotswold rental property, get in touch with a member of our team today. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm or you can get in touch on email hello@cotswoldlettingagency.com or call on 01993 684572.

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